How We Can Help

At Fresh Healthcare Advisors, we aim to support physicians, their practices, and essential hospital operations and strive to provide them with a diverse range of quality healthcare consulting services. Whether we’re dealing with minor engagements or year-long undertakings, our team will ensure to efficiently take care of your needs.
If you’re a healthcare professional in need of assistance running your practice—be it strategic planning, program execution, addressing operational concerns, or taking care of your financial management—you can rely on Fresh Healthcare Advisors. Our team has spent time in the medical industry and has gathered the experience, technical ability, and dedication needed to tackle your problems and provide complete solutions.
Thanks to our strategic, operational, and business management experience and our Lean Concept and training, our team can tackle your specific issues, provide personalized solutions and strategies, and improve your practice’s performance in the long run. Our consultants are also Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certified, meaning they can help with flow and practice management and utilize their knowledge and experience.

Operations Management

When it comes to efficiently running your practice, it’s important to analyze on your operations management and identify potentials inefficiencies or areas of improvement. By focusing on your operations and ensuring they’re optimum, you can ensure quality user experience for your patients.

Billing Assessment

By implementing a more thorough billing system in your practice, you can improve workflow efficiency and make it easier to keep a track of patient records and information.

Insurance Contracting / Payer Negotiation

Set up contracts with different insurance providers and implement payer negotiations to make your services more easily accessible to patients.

Denial Management Review

To ensure a healthy cash flow, it’s important for your practice to conduct denial management, get to the root cause of the denial, and prevent potential risk.

MIPS Assessment & Implementation

MIPS (Merit-Based Incentive Payment System) is a program established to measure healthcare processes and ensure positive patient experiences. Let us help with your MIPS assessment and implementation.

Practice Assessment

Allow our consultants to run an assessment of your practice and gain an understanding of existing or potential problems, your needs, and your strengths.

Lean Reviews

Implement lean management in your practice to reduce wastage and waiting time and ensure your patients are receiving the best possible care.

Staffing Assessment & Need Review

We provide assistance with general administration and operations, medical billing and collections assessments, pay for performance support, physician and patient satisfaction, and executive management and fractional CEO support.

Business Development

Implementing business strategies in your practice comes with several benefits. For example, it allows you to get a better understanding of your patients and their needs and focus on providing patient-focused services and improve the experience. Allow the Fresh Healthcare Advisors team to put together an effective business strategy that helps improve overall efficiency.

Marketing Assessment

Our experts will conduct an assessment of your market, gain better insight into your patients’ needs and expectations, and help refine your services.

Program Development

Develop and establish various programs to improve your practice’s performance and ensure worker and patient satisfaction.

Hospital Contract Negotiation & Management

Let the Fresh Healthcare Advisors assist with contract negotiations and management and help you engage with people more efficiently.

Metric & Pay for Performance

Implement a Pay for Performance (P4P) payment model in your organization, encourage workers to meet specific performance measures, and ensure value-based care.

Practice Startup

Looking to startup your own practice? Reach out to us for assistance. We’ll help implement successful strategies.

Practice Mergers

We provide quality metric program development and support, new healthcare business and service line start-ups, healthcare market and feasibility studies, medical services business plans, and physician recruiting and succession planning.